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increase longevity


increase longevity

A lot of people ask themselves how increase longevity ? Following information may help you with this question.

Scientists have carried out an experiment on Caenorhabditis elegans threadworms.

Having conducted a series of experiments, researches from Swiss High Technical School in Zurich proved that vitamin B3 can prolong lifespan at 10%. Scientists believe that this vitamin and its compounds prevent free radicals from being produced in our organism.

Free radicals are easily disposable oxygen molecules whose activity in human body may cause aggressive oxidization which in its turn ruins cells. Researches have carried out an experiment on Caenorhabditis elegans threadworms who live approximately one month long (it is the ideal lifespan for study the ageing processes). Adding vitamin B3 to worms’ diet showed that its effect on the body is similar to undertaking regular physical exercises. In both cases, intensive production of free radicals is ceased.

Scientists believe this positive effect which vitamin B3 makes on the organism is explained by the fact that a special type of ferments, i.e. sirtuins, takes part in its treatment.

As professor Ristow, the research supervisor states, the results of experiments carried out on worms can be applicable to people, since metabolic reactions caused in threadworms by vitamin B3 are very similar to those in epiorganisms. Professor mentions that such products as meat, liver, fish, peanuts contain vitamin B3. Their regular eating produces an effect very similar to the one caused by physical exercises.

So, increase longevity and be happy !