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Anti-Aging pills

anti-aging-pillsAgeing process may be soon recognized as a disease referred to as curable.

Scientists from Baltimore Medical Centre have come out with idea to add one more disease to International Statistical Classification of Diseases, namely ageing. Age degradation not only may but even must be dealt with, the researches claim.

Moreover, it turns out that humans, unlike any other living being, lose so much of their physical and mental form with age.

The new register will come into effect in two years. Meanwhile, scientists are eager to start fighting against ageing actively, in medical way.

Usual ageing process is genetically predicted and programmed. Disease is regarded to as pathological distraction from normal course of physiological processes. For the present, only pathological from of ageing is referred to this category, when a man is speeding up ageing due to some hormonal or genetic disorders, and at the age of 30 looks like a 60-year old.

Functional depression, or plainly biological ageing starts at the age of 22-25. It means, one should start fighting against ageing at that very age. One of the methods to be applied is building up telomers, or preventing the process of their decline. Ageing processes are supposed to stop due to this. Telomers are DNA fragments responsible for cells ability to reproduce. The longer the telomers, the longer the life. Scientists have already begun working on that project.

Not only appearance changes and physical ability weakens with age, but all the organs undergo the process ageing. There are zones in cerebrum, where new stem cells are produced. These cells are capable to substitute one another. But these cells cease their production at a certain moment. It is believed that new medicine will be discovered to reduce the process of ageing and maintain our organism at maximum potential level.