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  Health and Causes of Disease

The nowadays medical equipment can diagnose changes at the cellular level. The pharmaceutical industry releases tens of thousands of items of various pharmaceuticals. But the more achievements medicine has, the health of people is getting worse.

The modern medicine is at a deadlock, doctors cannot either restore nor preserve health even for themselves, to say nothing of their patients.

That is why everyone who cares for one’s health may benefit from the information on the ways of health preservation and get to know what factors it depends upon.

Why do we get sick? How can we prevent illness?

There are several reasons why diseases appear.

  What about Nutrition ?

what about nutrition

Practically we are too far from taking the sufficient quantity of natural food that our organism needs so much. They are fresh vegetables and fruits, green vegetables, berries, homemade cheese, fresh meat, fish, fresh made juice, nuts and cereals. Yes, we do take them, but add salt, sugar, vinegar or citric acid to them. After this our natural food is no longer natural. Adding of these components to the dish ready to serve results in full or partial decay of enzymatic activity. Enzymes, substances of protein origin, help split products into their constituent parts. The essence of life in the biological sense is an endless chain of enzymatic conversion. Nobody can extract the energy one cannot live without from food if one lacks enzymes.

As a rule people make a big mistake when they use to consume the lifeless, nearly ever kept products. In this case an organism on its own must generate enzymes to assimilate food spending for the purpose too much energy.

But still more erroneously is to use the harmful products having been “killed” chemically, in the way especially dangerous for the living cells. The abundance of such products comprise those containing carcinogenic E-additives, preservatives like formaldehyde, colorants, stabilizers, blocker enzymes,  antibiotics, hormones, acids. Making products more durable the science has but detrimental effect upon the human organism. All these inclusions destroy the immunity, break the excretory systems’ work, such as the lymphatic, urinary, digestive systems etc.

It is the consumption of this sort of food that mainly causes the development of many diseases which prove to be incurable unless these substances are eliminated from the diet.

What do we drink?


We drink anything we find on shop counters but what is really essential for the organism. Our everyday ration supposes plenty of the “chemical” liquids: Pepsi, lemonade, soda-water, instant coffee, flavored tea, synthetic milk and so on.  But the organism needs nothing of it. It only wants the clean, real, alkaline water. Everyone knows that water makes 80% of the human body. Water is an integral part of lymph, blood serum and inter- and intracellular liquids. That is why the lack of water in the organism leads to the negative results.

Parasite Aggression: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Helminthes

We are not lonely in nature. Together with us the whole classes of other living beings exist, even more ancient and therefore better adapted and “cleverer” than we are.

One may catch parasites in various ways: with food having swallowed the helminthes’ ova and/or cysts of protozoa together with unwashed vegetables or having eaten the meat of the so called intermediate owners contaminated with larvae helminthes; through water – drinking from a water body containing larvae parasites; through a skin, through a placenta (toxoplasmosis), it may occur even for dust. The larvae parasites actively penetrate through a man’s skin if coming into contact with dirty soil (while walking barefoot or lying down on the ground etc.) Beef, pork, the meat of crayfish and crab, freshwater fish taken without the sufficient heat-treatment may result in the larvae parasites contamination. Unlike the parasite invasions the common infections realize as certain diseases in the open form. As for the parasite infection it attacks the places in the body where immune protection hasn’t been provided, such as vitreous body, crystalline lens etc. As a result the organ’s function gets reduced, immunity is down, the organism suffers of toxins which attack heart, liver, brain… The latent parasite infections make it hardly possible to cure many diseases, they deprive the organism of the considerable part of its resource. If the organism possesses parasites it can’t but seriously suffer.

The human organism can be dwelt by over 100 species of parasites from microscopic ones to the worms several meters long.

Movement is Life

Many of health problems have their source in physical inactivity – the way of life lacking active movement which is shown in the insufficient muscle efforts. Muscle efforts use to be a catalyst speeding up the work both of separate inner organs and systems and an organism as a whole.

The active muscle efforts release much more energy and to restore it the organism sets itself to better conversion of nutrient resources which results in more active digestion.

Movement increases the life power.

The investigations provided within 90 thousand women in the USA testify to the fact that physical exercising proves to be an effective means to withstand diabetes. Movement can take the place of medicines, but no medicine can replace movement.

  In order to preserve our health and live the long life the regular cleaning of our organisms is necessary. We must also change our nutrition – make it correct and balanced. We must move much. These decisive components of health will help us keep it perfectly safe.